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Wolberg Plastic Surgery is a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery in Mexico.  We specialize in procedures for aesthetic improvement of the body and face.  Francisco Wolberg, M.D, has been trained by the best in the field and is well respected in the cosmetic surgery community as a man who cares deeply about the quality of his work and helping his patients achieve optimal results.

Wolberg Plastic Surgery is proud to serve both residents of Mexico and patients who visit us from outside the country.  That patients from around the world seek Dr. Wolberg to perform their procedures is a testament to our commitment to provide the highest quality care and results to our patients.

Meet the Doctor

Francisco Wolberg, M.D. performs a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body at his practice in Monterrey, Mexico.  Dr. Wolberg earned the degree of Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon under the direction of Dr. José Guerrerosantos, one of the most-respected surgeons in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

As part of Dr. Wolberg's training, he gained experience at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the United States, including Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland; the Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital in New York City; and the Shriners Burns Hospital in Galveston, Texas.   Because of his extensive training and experience, Dr. Wolberg is uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic procedures.

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Out of Town Patients

We do everything possible to ensure that your visit to Monterrey as a plastic surgery patient is a magnificent experience.  We help patients to feel at home with our luxurious surroundings and individual attention.  Our offices are located in the CIMA Santa Engracia Medical Center, one of the most modern and luxurious hospitals in Mexico.  Dr. Wolberg offers the same procedures as offered by plastic surgeons in the United States at a fraction of the cost to the patient.  We at Wolberg Plastic Surgery are dedicated to helping our patients realize their dreams by providing personalized care, state-of-the-art procedures, and outstanding results. 

Dr. Francisco Wolberg is affiliated with Medical Tours International (MTI), an international patient coordination company that serves Mexico, South America, and parts beyond.  We are focused on the whole package: pre- and post-operative care, quality procedures, affordable rates, and of course, luxurious surroundings.  Dr. Wolberg can help out-of-town patients achieve high-quality cosmetic solutions in Monterrey, Mexico.

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To learn more about how Dr. Francisco Wolberg and his staff at Wolberg Plastic Surgery can help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals in luxurious comfort and at a very reasonable cost, contact our office today.

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Wolberg Plastic Surgery
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Dr. Francisco Wolberg offers MATICES, a personal credit specially designed for treatments or interventions relating to personal image. To learn more about Matices please contact our office.