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Francisco Wolberg, M.D. is a leading plastic surgeon in Mexico.  He has performed cutting-edge cosmetic surgery procedures at some of the top institutions in the world.  Dr. Wolberg is dedicated to providing respectful, personalized treatment and exceptional results to patients from Mexico and parts beyond.  Because of our outstanding work and reputation, patients from all over the world choose Wolberg Plastic Surgery for all of their cosmetic surgery needs.

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Out-of-Town Patient Information

Monterrey, Mexico, the third largest city in the country, is known as Mexico’s “Sultan of the North.”  It is widely considered to be the technology center of Mexico.  With a unique array of attractions including beautiful parks and historic landmarks, state-of-the-art hospital facilities, and a burgeoning technology sector, there is little question why Monterrey is known globally as a powerhouse in Mexican and international economics.

Monterrey has long been regarded as the richest city in Mexico, featuring a vast number of stunning accommodations and tourist attractions that appeal to vacationers of almost any background.  The beautiful mountains that surround the city feature activities such as mountain biking, hiking, cave exploring and nature walking for the adventurous visitor while Monterrey’s modern restaurants, museums, shopping malls, and cultural activities allow for a pleasurable urban experience as well.

Patients from outside of Mexico who choose Dr. Wolberg for their cosmetic needs are encouraged to contact his staff in advance of surgery to schedule transportation and book accommodation in Monterrey.  We ask that you arrive at least one or two days in advance of your scheduled procedure to acquaint yourself with our beautiful city.  Our office offers comprehensive city tours and affordable travel packages to and from our location.  To learn more about the various attractions you will find here in Monterrey, please visit

Medical Tours International (MTI)

Dr. Francisco Wolberg is an affiliate of Medical Tours International (MTI), an organization of licensed, practicing health care professionals in the United States and overseas, with coordinators located throughout South America and parts of Asia and the Middle East.  MTI is a company that brings the skill and affordability of international plastic surgeons to patients all over the world, no matter where they live.  To learn more about the medical vacations that TMI offers, visit their website at


Dr. Wolberg is a member of Healthbase.

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Wolberg Plastic Surgery
Santa Engracia Medical Center
Frida Kahlo 180 Suite 205
Valle Oriente, San Pedro, NL, MX


“Thanks to Dr. Wolberg, my life has changed drastically!
I have traveled to Monterrey 2 times for Tummy tuck, Breast augmentation and Liposculpture.
I don't want to see my before pictures anymore!!”

Lourdes Gorena
Laredo, TX

“I was highly recommended to Dr. Wolberg by a friend.
I had trouble breathing right and my nose was not very appealing, now I can breath perfect and my nose looks very beautiful and natural!
Dr. Wolberg and his staff made my stay in Monterrey a great experience.
I´m already making plans for my next surgery!”

Lina Moscarela
Chicago, IL

Dear Dr Wolberg,
Greetings from California! I hope you are doing well and have finally gotten a chance to take a vacation after your busy holiday operating schedule.
It has now been three weeks since you gave me a full face-lift, neck lift, and upper eyelid lift. Although there is still some minor healing going on, each time I look in the mirror I continue to be impressed with the amazing results you achieved. You are truly a gifted surgeon with unsurpassed skills! Thanks so much for your friendliness, your professionalism, and your attention to my needs while I was in Monterrey. You, your staff, and CIMA Hospital are certainly among the very best in the world. Thanks for making my visit such a wonderful experience!

Your grateful patient,
Erik Jacobson
Costa Mesa, CA